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Welcome to The Cat House

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
If you love cats, you've come to the right place! Here you can share your kitty stories, kitty pictures, and kitty care tips! Welcome!

When posting 2 or more pictures, please use the < lj cut > tag, as members with dial-up connections may be slowed significantly by large or multiple images.

Please make your posts "Friends Only". Many people seem to be more comfortable sharing their photos this way.

This community will NOT tolerate the posting of pictures, articles, stories, etc. that portray the abuse and/or mistreatment of any animal. Any user who posts something which is deemed inappropriate by the community manager will be (1) removed from the community and banned from re-joining; (2) reported to LJ; and (3) the offending post will be deleted immediately. There are no exceptions to this rule! This place is for cat lovers.

If you are not a cat lover, please find another place to troll. You are not welcome here!!

This community was founded in memory of my beautiful Siamese, Spooky and all the other kitties waiting for their masters at the Rainbow Bridge.

RIP Spooky